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Latchkey Petz was founded by award winning veterinarians and caring technicians 

who have seen first hand what happens to petz who were left alone & helpless, 

when their owners were unable to come home to take care of them.

We have created this site where you can register your personal ID number so that caring neighbors, nurses, doctors, first responders, officers and other samaritans are alerted by your key chain, 

purse bling, identification cards or other accessories that will help identify you as a pet owner.  

We will contact your care giver and fax your petz medical record to any veterinary hospital - 

with a low monthly service charge.  

You can also retrieve your petz medical records whenever you need it.

Let these keychains speak for you, when you are unable!


Over 130.4 million people were involved in injury related accidents last year who had to be transported to the hospital! 

Whether you live alone or with others, what if something tragic happened 

and no one can get back to the house to take care of your furry family member(s)!?!  

Don't let another tragic event happen - by alerting others that you have petz left in the house alone.  Using these products will enable you to run errands, travel or go to work with peace of mind, 

knowing that your petz will be attended to - 

should an unfortunate event take place where you 

can't come home to take care of them.


1) We offer a variety of eye catching key chains & accessories with a unique number assigned to you.  You register this number on this website along with your petz medical records.  When a caring samaritan or first responder inputs your special number into the website, they will obtain the information you determine to share and they can alert your designated emergency contact to go check on your petz left at home.

2) You will receive an ID card with the Keychain Fob, Button or Popsocket® to place in your purse or wallet with your special number along with contact information to alert caring samaritans that you have petz @ home alone. 

3) An upgrade option to purchase personalized ID cards or pin badges with your petz photos are also available.  

4) Exclusive offer for Latchkey Petz customers, we also have an add-on option for the Veterinary Concierge Membership service at a greatly reduced price.  You have access to veterinary advice via email & text - plus over 7000+ discounted pet products!  This special discounted membership plan is only available to registered key fob owners for a limited time!  (Veterinarians interested in joining the Concierge Program - please email us directly to be included in this special program!)

4) We give back to the community with a portion of all sales to go towards Street Petz 501 (c)(3) non-profit charity that helps the petz of the homeless.  You can also donate $20 and receive a free reuseable totebag that folds neatly into itself.

Give yourself peace of mind as you 

walk out the door and say 

"I'll see you later," 

knowing someone will be alerted that you have petz @ home alone- 

  even if you can't speak 

or make it home.

"In case of an emergency, be prepared and make sure that your beloved furry family members won't suffer 

alone at home"