Flagship Keychain Fob Kit

Personalized with your special identification number that will alert caring people 

& first responders about your petz medical history as well as their location if you choose to share it.

All products includes registration and medical record upload.  There will never be a recurring monthly or yearly fee for this service!   

Each keychain fob also comes with a 

wallet identification card.

Your ID card even comes with a handy 

door hanger to use at home or at a 

hotel while traveling with your petz.  

Hang key fobs from keys, purses, backpacks,

luggage, brief cases, phones, etc. 

Choose the key fob pattern you like 

from our selection below and 

we will ship your key fob and ID card.  

Deluxe optional package add-on for $35 includes the first month in a VIP Veterinary Concierge trial membership ($99 value)!

We also like to give back to the community with a portion of each sale that helps Street Petz charity!

Remember to give one to your friends and family.  They make wonderful thoughtful gifts!

Key Fob Kit
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Our key fobs, button pins & keychains are made in the USA - because we care!

(Extra charges for shipping toAlaska, Puerto Rico, Canada and 

other International destinations.  We will send you a separate invoice for the difference)


These colorful reusable tote bags are free with your donation of $10 to STREET PETZ which helps the petz of the homeless!  The donation includes shipping.

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